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39. (Winter 1987) Includes DISCOUNT VOUCHER. . The Winter Solstice; Magic or Magnetism (mystery in Co. Wexford); Dublin Millenium; Chain Store Bargains; The Irish Christmas; Time Sharing; Gourmet trip to the West; Lifestyle: The Caregiver; Building your Irish dream house; Co. Wexford; Ireland's Police Force; Notes from the North; Review: Currareevagh Country House.
40. (Spring 1988) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATION GUIDE • St. Patrick; Rose of Tralee; Tax Breaks; Penpals and Romance; Irish Summer Schools; Young Fashion Designers; The Plain People of Ireland; 10th Anniv. Offer; Population; Ireland's waterways; Holiday Landlady; Lifestyle: Antique dealers.
41. (Summer 1988) (Summer 1988) includes REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT; Walking the Trails of Ireland; Fascination of Figures; Growth of Film Making in Ireland; Learning the Language; Vivienne in the U.S.; True Patriots All; Crafts 1988; County Meath; Lifestyle; Crosses Countrywide; Then and Now; Irish Pubs; Irish Linen; Getting Married in Ireland; A Weekend in Cork City.
42. (Autumn 1988) • Agricultural Diversity; Pen Pals; Palladio: Interior design; Books Ireland; Inside the American Embassy; Moving to Ireland; Genealogical irrelevance; Co. Laois; The Fount of Knowledge (Libraries); Christmas Gift Guide; We're the Tops (famous Irish people); Provincial Papers; Ireland's Financial Centre; Irish Lace; Lifestyle: Publican & wife; Saints and scholars; Hallowe'en Barm Brack; Cycling in Connemara;
45. (Summer 1989) includes REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT. • Crafts Trade Fair; At the edge of the ocean; Support your local Heritage Centre; Lifestyle: the Priest; Major festivals; Co.Clare; Horsey People and Horsey Holidays; A turbulent man: Henry Brown Hayes; Minority religions; Summertime; What's in a name; Bed and breakfasting; Graveyards in the North.
46. (Fall 1989) • Moving to Ireland; Three years further on; Ulster Folk traditions; A touch of the Blarney; FleadhCheoil (Music festival); Beauty of the Bog; Irish Stamps; Mail Order Shopping; Educational System; Lifestyle: family life. The rise and rise of Irish Art; High days and Holy days; Crafty Holidays; Gambling; The Book of Kells; Brenda Buys a barony.
47. (Winter 1989) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER; • Crystal; Christmas Crises; Indigenously Irish; Lifestyle: the single mother; Crossword; Ancient Monuments; Maps for visitors; Interview: John Boorman, film director; Genealogy; Craggaunown Project; Going west; Ireland and the Irish; Festivals; My city - Belfast; The other side of Christmas; Charities; Coping with difficult times.
48. (Spring 1990) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE. • St.Patrick; Green for Ireland; The delights of Co.Wexford; Up from down under; The Wartstone; An Irish paradox; Lifestyle: working together; The Numismatist; Counting sheep; Education; Interview: Mary Banotti, Environmentalist; 20 years on; Ireland - Land of your ancestors; My city (Cork); Summer Schools.
51. (Winter 1990) DISCOUNT VOUCHER; • Sophisticated Irish foods; Wherever you are, you're Irish (how an INSIDE IRELAND member obtained Irish Citizenship without having all the required documents); The Turf Club; Irish Money; The Presidency; Getting an Irish driving licence; Dramatic Donegal; Books;
52. (Spring 1991) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE • AND SUMMER SCHOOLS SUPPLEMENT; Dublin - Cultural capital of Europe; Changing your Life; Emigration; Lifestyle: co-habiting and marriage; Limerick; Boating in Co. Fermanagh; Finding your roots; Retirement back home; Fair Day; The Land.
55. (Winter 1991) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER; • A country childhood; Things to do and see; Match point (the Gaelic Athletic Assn.); The Skelligs islands; The Irish Georgian Society; The Pilgrims Progress; A wintry outing; Census: preliminary results; Genealogy; Provincial newspapers; High jinks at Annaghmakerrig; The Hospice movement; House restoration; Books.
56. (Spring 1992) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE • AND SUMMER SCHOOLS SUPPLEMENT; Was Dracula an Irishman?; Marriage; Trinity College Dublin; Student life at Trinity; Sister Stan (working for the homeless); Telecommunications revolution; Kilkenny capers; Growing up in a provincial town - Clonmel; All aboard! - excursions by train, boat, bus and plane; Festivals of Spring; The Royal Dublin Society; More census results; The third age - a successful retirement to Ireland by an INSIDE IRELAND member; The National Lottery.
57. (Summer 1992) includes REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT; • Real Estate update: dos and don'ts; A useful story; Cottages and country living; Death and taxes; Home decoration; A weather-dominated way of life; Having the builders in; An insurance maze; Buying a Barony; An auctioneer's life; Irish citizenship; pictures and prices of properties; other features: 25 years going to Ireland; Drink - a part of Irish life; Wet weather activities; 1992 crafts fair; The travelling people; Famous finds - stamp designs; The Chester Beatty library; A city blacksmith; The Freemasons; Derry.
58. (Fall 1992) • Lughnasa - an Irish festival; Bed and breakfasting; Native Irish canines; Days gone by - illness and death; Lismore - Heritage town; Bloodsports; A weekend in Monaghan; Interview: Frances Fitzgerald, chairwoman of the Council for the Status of Women; Road bowls; Ireland's Gaeltacht; Going West - a move from Dublin to Clare; Haunted Ireland - folklore of Hallowe'en; The Irish - they're everywhere; The confused state of Northern Ireland.
59. (Winter 1992) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER; • The Druids of Ireland; There's no place like home; A weekend in Kerry; Finding your Irish ancestors; That heritage business; Collars of Gold:Irish Treasures; A successful search - brief story of successful outcome searching for roots; The emerald screen (Irish films); Books in brief; Unemployment in Ireland and how one Irish family is coping; Enjoying an Irish winter; Talk and the Irish; Festive food; Recipes; Mail order shopping.
60. (Spring 1993) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE; • The President of Ireland; Changes; Islands; Traditional Irish Music; Common Currency; The Irish Soldier; Then and now; The Irish in Europe; Radio; Irish Theatre; Moving from England to West Cork; 15th Anniversary Prize Draw; Horse Racing; Genealogical project; The Older Traveller; Irish Drinks; A holiday at home.
61. (Summer 1993) with REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT: • General property advice; Vital facts (insurance, stamp duty, legal, financial); Price guide to some properties; A couple of true stories; Useful General information. Other features: Summer Sundays in the City; Genealogy: A Successful resolution (finding roots); Crafts fair 1993; A dream trip "home." Books; Unwinding; Hurling; Pub culture; Matchmaking and Marriage Settlements; Knock Marriage Bureau; Summer pilgrimage;
62. (Autumn 1993). • Famous Hauntings; Books in brief; Annals of the Four Masters; Lifestyle: Public Health Nurse; Travelling off-season in the West; Popular sayings; Ireland's biggest industry - agriculture; Co. Mayo; Begrudgery - a national failing; Oyster Festivals; Peasant Cooking (recipes); searching for your Dream House; The Cistercians; Waterford for the day.
64. (Spring 1994) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE; • The Burren; The State Heraldic Museum; The Charm of Thatch; Kilkenny Crafts; Irish place names; The Credit Union; A woman of importance (Mary Harney); SPECIAL FEATURE: stories from 7 INSIDE IRELAND members who have come to live in Ireland; How we work at INSIDE IRELAND; Books.
65. (Summer 1994) with REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT; • Retirement to Ireland; Property market overview; regional real estate costs; raising finance for house purchase; house swapping; rules and regulations for non-nationals buying property; The cost of living in Ireland; your dream castles can come true, if you can afford it; vital facts you should know. Other features: Sunny memories (Auntie Mary looks back); the 1994 Crafts Fair; Hunting for your elusive Irish ancestors; our new fax service; The Franciscans; The harbours of Ireland; A designer of distinction (Sybil Connolly); positive aspects of Ireland's economy; Punting on the horse's nose; The luck of the Irish; advt. for Ireland's National Lottery and how to play from overseas;
66. (Fall 1994) • The Shannon fly-over; The Great October Fair; The Famine; Work: at home and away; "All that jazz"; Weaving as history; Augustine the Irishman; Irish place names; Achill Island; Irish surnames; It DOES grow on trees (forestry); The Religious life today; A dream come true (running a language school in the country); Auctions, town and country.
68. (Spring 1995) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE; • Training for a career (Auntie Mary looks back); State of the Nation 1978 and 1995; Traditional Irish pub; High crosses of Ireland; Brief breaks; Hostelling around Ireland; Irish family life; The country market; The Connemara pony; The dream that didn't come true (unsuccessful search for a property); Outside Ireland; Arty Books; Free budget holiday for two competition;
69. (Summer 1995) with REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT; • General advice; renting; planning permission; pictures of properties and prices; tax and property; bargains galore in the North west; Useful facts (legal); property letters. Other features: The Palace of the Boyne; Church & State 1985 and 1995; Train travel; Back to the land; The climate of Ireland; A meal in itself; Crafts 1995; The Knit of the Irish; Four remarkable women entrepreneurs; Golf - by the sea and inland too; Macra na Feirme ( "people of the farm."); brief breaks; books; Summer courses.
70. (Fall 1995) • The theatre in Ireland; Chips for everything (Ireland's high-tech image); Riding to hounds in Tipperary; Providence at Knock Shrine; Cobh - the emigrants' memorial; Second time around (two Americans get married in Ireland); Nursing in Ireland and how to register here; The Wake; The laws of early Ireland; Limerick lace; Traditional Irish music now; Seasonal Irish Christmas cards; seeing Ireland through Stamps (1); Interview: An Irish T.D. (member of the Dail - Irish parliament) Alan Dukes TD.
71. (Winter 1995) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER; • Memories of Christmas past; Magic motoring - the road that defies gravity; The unanswered letter - an Irish malaise; Minority religions;A trans-Atlantic Romance (an American/Irish Matchmaker finds an Irish husband for INSIDE IRELAND member); Famine emigrants; Poteen!; Christmas revels - Wren boys and Mummers; Settling in Ireland having travelled the world; A Horsey people; The Hiring Fair; The Irish Colleges in Europe.
72. (Spring 1996) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE; • Renting an Irish castle; An A-Z guide for Visitors; "How I work" - I.I. genealogist explains; Heritage centres; Irish film industry; St. Patrick - his own story; Opera Ireland; Books; Budget eating; Mysterious waters - Holy wells; Change; Strokestown Park and Famine Museum; Lighting the Way (Lighthouses); Traditional music; Calendar 1996; Talking of sport; The fascination of Fermanagh.
73. (Summer 1996) includes REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT. • Supplement includes: overview of the market 1995/6; Retirement to Ireland; glossary of terms; some typical properties; Clare, Galway and Mayo; The cost of Living; vital hints; useful questions and answers; living here. Also: Crafts - an up to date look at what's available; Changing face of rural Ireland; Dolmens; A Hostel Holiday; The London Irish; Steam travel; Folklore - Celtic Festivals; Popular misconceptions about the Irish.
74. (Fall 1996) • Ireland in the European Union; Hallowe'en; The youth of Ireland; Country newspapers; Recipe for Hallowe'en Barm Brack; Brief breaks (Midland counties); Irish place names; Irish surnames; The Forum for Peace and Reconciliation; Hitting the Highlights (how to see the most and best of Ireland in just 14 days); Set Dancing (the dance craze of the 90s); Flower Language; Seeing Ireland through Stamps (2); Top travel tips; Holiday rentals; Genealogy (assembling essential information); Co. Leitrim.
75. (Winter 1996) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER; • An Ulster Christmas; Famine commemoration; The Claddagh Ring; Irish Surnames; West Waterford Enterprise; The Country House market; Sport; General advice on Coming to Ireland for Vacation, and Coming to Ireland to Live; Irish place names; To buy or rent a property; The luck of the Irish - what is it?; Megalithic wonders; Life on a pension here; Winter warming recipes; Taste of Christmas; Ireland - free of charge Public Holidays 1997
77. (Summer 1997) with REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT; • Buying and running a Pub or a B & B; Market overview; Taxation; Short term holiday lets; Architectural salvage; Planning permission; Living in Ireland; Retirement and Health care (and insurance cover); Buying antiques. Other features: Racing in Ireland; Say-i-do (an Irish Matchmaker's Marriage introductions bureau); Knock Marriage Bureau; Walking in West Waterford; The Lotto; Water; Ireland's economic boom.
78. (Autumn 1997) • Trick or Treat - Hallowe'en; It never felt like going to work - Vivienne's reminiscences; The Tara Brooch; The Mitchelstown Caves; A Nation once again (historical background to political situation); Classical Music; A Quaker contribution (Famine records); The Potato; Percy French and his songs; The Story of Stones (geological survey); Books in brief; Change; Lifestyle: The publican.
79. (Winter 1997) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER • St. Colmcille; It worked for me (retirement story); working from home in the high-tech age; Celebrities countrywide; Brief Breaks: Cavan/Donegal; God be with the Days - changes over 25 years; The Ardagh Chalice; Death in Ireland; Wide open Spaces - parks & gardens; Bears and Dolls; Motoring in Ireland; Mobile phones; Censorship; Science in Ireland; The Samaritans.
81. (Summer 1998) with Real Estate Supplement . Folklore; Ireland by Rail; New Irish Beer; Fashion; Learning the Language; Divorce; Basket Making in Irleand; The Ceide Fields; A Property Overview; By the Sea; Golf; Property Picture; Buying a Business; Raising the Finance; Relocation; Irish Citizenship; Irish Family Names; Irish Theatre; Reader Survey; How we Work; The Craft Fair; New Museums; Prayers in Irish; Letters.
83. (Winter 1998) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER • Supernatural - All Souls, the Banshee etc; The Great Famine; Travelling by bus; Riverdance; Racing in Galway; Special Christmas offer; Prominent Irish Men. New Genealogist; Off the beaten track - the Beara Peninsula; The Diseart (place of study and prayer); Was Dracula an Irishman? Foremost Families; Baby boom; Historic Towns; Ireland's airlines and airports; Moving to Ireland; Traditional Music.
84. (Spring 1999) RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS GUIDE. 21st BIRTHDAY ISSUE • Place names; 21 - the Magic of Numbers; The Irish Soldier; Buying and Selling on the Internet; Change - Auntie Mary looks back; The Bogs of Ireland; Pilgrimage - (Lough Derg - the easy way); Books; Far away in Australia - the Irish experience; Retirement; House-hunting; Tax Audit; Cheap and Cheerful (accommodations); Fifty Years Ago (Co. Kildare); Country Style (Knitwear); The Gardai (police force); Clan Corner; Round Towers; The Ulster American Folk Park; A New Life - living and running a business in rural Ireland; National Emblems; Special Prize Draw (for air tickets, Crafts etc.).
85. (Summer 1999) with REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT • Showcase 1999 (Crafts); Tune-in, Irish Radio and TV; To Hell or Connaught; A Mid-Summer Menu; Building your Home; Insurance; A Home from Home - House Swapping; The Jargon; Timeshare; Some Typical Properties; Glossary; Capital Tax; Raising the Finance for that Property Purchase; The World’s Biggest Party Welcomes the Third Millennium; Ask Pat; An Autumn Trip through the Northern Part of Ireland; How We Work; The Kennedy Arboretum; Putting Ireland’s Newspapers on Microfilm; Top Travel Tips; The Genealogy Net; The National Anthem.
86. (Fall 1999) • The Witching Hour (Hallowe’en); Books; Republic of Ireland (foundation of Nation); Model Schools; On the Money (stories behind banknotes); Young Entrepreneurs; Learning the Language; Eating in Limerick; Train Travel; Millennium celebrations countrywide; 21st Birthday Draw results; Less Drink; Clan Corner; White on White (Mountmellick Lace); Owning a racehorse; Top Travel Tips; Popular Christian names; Roads; Letters.
87. (Winter 1999) with DISCOUNT VOUCHER • Christmas Angel; Ireland today; Maps for Visitors; New lights for old (Lighthouses); Mistletoe; Irish Countrywomen’s Association; Inland Waterways; ‘We’ve come a long way’ (women); Agriculture; The seanachie Returns (storytelling); Pen Pal Corner; Pubs; Newspapers on the Internet; Two new Music Museums; Clan Corner; the Pantomine; Restaurant Review; Letters.
88. (Spring 2000) INCLUDES RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS SUPPLEMENT Ireland Today; Learning the Language; The Irish Language; Birds; Going Solo (travelling alone up the west coast); How Times have Changed; Irish American Studies; The Willie Clancy Summer School; Angler's Heaven; Irish Wit and Wisom; Who are we? (genes); Donegal a Hundred Years Ago; Spanning the Centuries; Place Names; Acquiring Irish Citizenship. Dendrochronolgy; Books in Brief; Letters.
89. (Summer 2000) WITH REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT. Showcase 2000 (Crafts); Irish Dance; Take Another Look; Clan Corner; The Chester Beatty Library; A Look at the Past; Rent before you buy; Ireland by County; Some typical property pictures; Capital acquisitions tax; Buying your house; Then and Now; Your Questions Answered; Retirement in Ireland; The Burren; The Queen Sails (convicts to Australia); Learning the Language; Television today; The Rose of Tralee; The Senate; Restaurant reviews; Letters.
90. (Autumn 2000) Snippets; Editorial; Bean-Si; Learning the Language; More about Genes; The Irish Stock Exchange in 2000; Round Towers; Cahirciveen - a hundred years ago; Full Steam Ahead; Water of Life; The Seven Wonders of Fore; The Class System; Irish Linen; Population; Dramatic changes in Irish Migration; By Killarney's Lakes and Dells; Family Names; The Rose Lady; Irish Place Names; Maybe Dracula is an Irishman!; Letters; Top Travel Tips; The Irish Flag; Restaurant Review.
93. (Summer 2001) WITH REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT. Showcase 2000 (Crafts); Irish Dance; Take Another Look; Clan Corner; The Chester Beatty Library; A Look at the Past; Rent before you buy; Ireland by County; Some typical property pictures; Capital acquisitions tax; Buying your house; Then and Now; Your Questions Answered; Retirement in Ireland; The Burren; The Queen Sails (convicts to Australia); Learning the Language; Television today; The Rose of Tralee; The Senate; Restaurant reviews; Letters.
94. (Autumn 2001), Snippets; Editorial; Ghostly Tours; Portlaw; Martello Towers; Bloomsday; Legends Retold; Moving to Ireland;
Tax Free; Blarney; The Irish Film Industry 2001; Clubs, Societies and Associations; Minority Religions; A Vital Industry; Maps; Books in Brief; The European Experience; Letters; Information on Work Permits; Place Names; Family Names; Top Travel Tips
96. (Spring 2002)Recommended Accommodation Supplement. The May Fly (fishing); The Turning Point (peace Process/Good Friday Agreement); Learning the Language; The Other Saints; An Taisce - the National Trust for Ireland; Plaques-aplenty; Co Donegal; The Emigrant's Return; What Border? (cycling the Border); 20 Years ago; More Fairy Folk; Happy Times Past; Gardens in the West; Books in Brief; Restaurant Reviews; Letters.
98. (Fall 2002)Hallowe'en; Irish Neutrality; Transport Then; Transport Now; An Easy Way to See the Sights (Railtours); Distinctively Irish; Living in the West; Cookery in Ireland; Learning the Language; The (new) National Gallery; Wedding out of Town; Brides and Grooms; The Eucharistic Congress of 1932; Work Permits; Glendalough; Books in Brief; Letters; Place Names..
99. (Winter 2002)Discount Voucher. The Winter Solstice; Retail Therapy; Limerick; Brian Boru; After the Euro; The Roman Catholic Church; Fashion Phoenix (Ulster Museum costume and fashion collection); The Black Economy; Learning the Language; Collectors' Items (Irish Art); The Irish on Holiday; Fairy Palace of the Quicken Tree; An Irish Potato Feast; Main points of the Census; Christmas Brain Teaser; Organisations for Older People; Letters; Special 3 year Offer subscription.
100. (Spring 2003)Our bumper 100th Issue (Spring 03) is available at the very special price of just $7.00 - a real Collector's item. This wonderful 72 page bumper issue contains a Special Supplement of highlights from some of our past issues. Also included in it is our Recommended Accommodation Supplement; The Legendary St Patrick; Changes for Visitors; Ireland 25 Years ago; Turning Points in Irish History; The Credit Union; Betting on the Horses; Mills; Twenty Five Years; The Quiet Revolution; A Tale of Two Islands; Cruising; The Pope's Visit to Ireland; Traditional Music; The Far from Simple Life (self-sufficiency in the west); Irish Women and the Law; Country Cures; The Climate of Ireland; Crime and Punishment; Genealogy Success Stories; Sport for all; Match Making; Magic or Magnetism; Aran Stitches; The Other Irish Emigrants (to Canada and Australia and New Zealand); Learning the Language; The Wrong Turn; Beauty and the Bog; Ireland and the Irish; Counting Sheep ; Wherever You are You're Irish; The Presidency; Megalithery; The Post Office; From Penpal to Permanence; The Traditional Irish Pub; Books in Brief; From City to Country; The National Archives; Special Offers for Our 100th Issue (books, cards.); Fifteen Years in Ireland; The Counties of Ireland; A Long Walk (the Beara Breifne Greenway); Letters; Prize-winning Quiz.
101 (Summer 2003)Real Estate Supplement. Summertime; Crafts 2003; The Ingenious Irish; Learning the Language; Irish Family Savers - good value in Ireland; The Best of Children's Dublin; Go Outside Dublin; Property Snippets; County by County; Some Typical Properties; Renovating a Property; Is Ireland for You?; Building Your Irish Dream House; How it all Turned Out; The Miner's Way (Leitrim); Danny Boy; The Real Ireland of the Welcomes: Findlater's - an old part of Dublin; Turf is part of Irish life; Special Offers (books); The Skelligs; Quiz - 60 Answers; Letters; Books in Brief.
102 (Autumn 2003)Issue 102: Priced at $5.00 this contains our updated 16 page pull-out genealogical supplement with our unique Genealogical questionnaire to set you on that ancestral search; Haunted Ireland; The Way We Live Now; Exploring the Seas around us; Vanishing History; Irish Citizenship; A Decent Set of Girls (workhouse girls going to Australia); Important Adjustments - updating information about Driving Licences and Health Insurance; Walking in Ireland; Restaurant Reviews; Bente's Story (a happy romance aided by INSIDE IRELAND); Hallowe'en traditions and a recipe for Barm Brack; Romancing in Lisdoonvarna; Letters; Books in Brief.
103 (Winter 2003)(Winter 2003) Includes DISCOUNT VOUCHER; The Seven Wonders of Ireland; Winter Wildlife; Moving House; Living here in Retirement; Places of Pilgrimage; Learning the Language; What makes the Irish Tick; The Census; Country Living; Robert Emmet; Safe Home; A Taxing Life; The Irish Language; Books in Brief; Top Travel Tips; The Sunny South East.
104 (Spring 2004)Includes RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS SUPPLEMENT; Cafés Country wide; St. Patrick; Spring is in the Air; Fascination of Figures; The Burren; Learning the Language; Set Dancing; Coming to Live in Ireland; Ten Treasures of Ireland; The Trade Union Movement; Tower Houses; Building my Dream House; The Chicago Fair; Books in Brief; Counties in Time.
105 (Summer 2004)with REAL ESTATE SUPPLEMENT; Showcase 2003; The 100th Bloomsday; The Westmeath Lakes; Genealogy, a Dispensation; Crosses Countrywide; Agriculture; Multiple Museums; Science Foundation Ireland; Critical Illness Cover; How we Work; Books in Brief.

106 (Autumn 2004)Supernatural; Ardnacrusha; The Fount of Knowledge; Weekending in the West; An Emigrant’s Letter; Our National Characteristics; Learning the Language; A Multi-Cultural Society; Working and Living in Ireland; Retirement in Ireland; Driving in Ireland; Skellig Story; A Couple of Brief Trips; Following in Fionn’s Footsteps; Genealogy.

107 (Winter 2004)including DISCOUNT VOUCHER; Seasonal Fare; Belfast; Hunting; Learning the Language; Radio and TV in Ireland; Bringing Home the Dead; Pet Passports; The Law and the Profits; New Year Quiz; A visit to the North; The Hamilton Year; The Disabled; Busking at 73; Cork 2005; Then and Now: Restaurant Review.
108 (Spring 2005)Includes RECOMMENDED ACCOMMODATIONS SUPPLEMENT; Cathedrals; Irish Dance; Fruit and Veg; An Interesting Trip; A Church in Transition; Spanning the Divide; Learning the Language; Farmers’ Market; Irish Eccentrics; Dublin International Exhibition; The Macfirbis Book of Genealogy; Bicycling in Ireland; The Classical Music scene; Books in Brief; A Recollection.
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